Yesterday was the day! The Tacken Gala 2016 of the Marketing Club Ruhr took place in the Ruhrturm Essen. Almost 300 guests were present, including the Lord Mayor of Essen Thomas Kufen, the jury, consisting of the board of Marketing Club Ruhr, Veronika Lühl, Prof. Dr. Burghard Hermeier, Claus-Dieter Grabner and Univ. Prof. Dr. Jost Adler, the nominees Bäckerei Welp, Essener Verkehrs-AG (EVAG), Gewa,, CP/COMPARTNER, Contact GmbH & Behrends Marketing,, Neomatt GmbH and La Maison de Florence and numerous other guests from business, politics and culture. At the Tacken Gala, companies, agencies and start-ups were honored for their special marketing achievements and the “Head of the Year” was chosen. The Tacken stands for a showcase for marketing and communication in the Metropole Ruhr.

Since we were among the nominees, the entire neomatt GmbH team could not be missing, of course. Excited and full of anticipation we visited the event!

A festive mood spread among the invited guests and everyone enjoyed the festive evening. A 3-course menu spoiled our palate and the very friendly service team took care of all needs. Musical accompaniment was provided by the band Lily Was Here.

As you can see from the pictures, we had a lot of fun and were very happy about our award and the prize money of 5000!

We also congratulate the winners for their great performance!

The winner of the company award was the bakery Welp, which serves a niche with its products and brings a piece of Sicily to the Ruhr area. In a sympathetic speech, the managing director Hermann Welp described the development of his bakery and offered an insight into future plans.

The agency Tacken went to CONTACT GmbH in cooperation with Behrends Marketing Event & Sport GmbH. They received the agency tack for their extraordinary corporate events in theme parks. In the speech, the agency shared that their intention was to give employees an unforgettable day.

The Start Up tack was awarded to the Ackerhelden! They were awarded for their Organic-Urban Gardening concept, which aims to shake off the eco-dust from the organic theme.

We were also nominated in the Start-Ups category and our marketing strategy, which we applied to our first B2C product to push the product launch, was highlighted. The marketing strategy was the basis for our referral marketing platform in combination with the distribution of the product on social media channels. In a very short time, we were able to attract a high number of new prospects. In one weekend alone, we came up with almost 800 registrations. As a result, we were able to generate several thousand contacts in just a few months. On top of that, we had over 100 positive testimonials about SpotterBee, which were published on Instagram, Facebook and various blogs.

The range of products on our referral marketing platform is constantly expanding and now more products can be found on the platform. In addition to the high-quality Kodak V15 IP WLAN surveillance camera, there is now also a set of 3 suitcases in different colors. For a small cost, participants in the promotion can receive discount codes and purchase the products at a bargain price. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank E-Trado GmbH for the productive cooperation!

The Marketing Club Ruhr also awarded the special prize “Head of the Year” for the 5th time. This prize is awarded to people who are particularly committed to the Ruhr region and thus lend it character. The prize went to Professor Dr. Peter Zec, a lateral thinker who has put his heart and soul into ensuring that the Ruhr region is perceived as special in the international design world. He received a standing ovation for his announcement that he would make a generous private donation of 10,000 euros to the Friedensdorf Oberhausen. A great gesture!

The Friedensdorf Oberhausen cares for children from crisis areas. Since these often offer no to very inadequate medical care, they organize aid missions to have sick and injured children treated free of charge in Germany. Furthermore, they offer help for self-help through projects in the children’s home countries.

The Tacken Gala was a great event that was informative and emotional! We would like to thank the jury for nominating us and thus we can count ourselves among the best 3. Furthermore, we congratulate once again the winners and their great successes!

Written by Jessica Schlechter on May 13, 2016

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